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MACFIXIT was founded since 2012, our specialty in MAC has grown progressively over the years. Constantly improving our service and knowledge to enhance your experience with us.

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  • Affordable Prices

    We provide Quality Service with reasonable pricing, which makes us an Ideal Choice.
  • In-House Repairs

    All repairs & replacements are done by our professionals.
  • In-House Warranty

    Warranty is only available in our stores located in Singapore.
Our Procedure

Step 1: Diagnose

Let our staff assist you by providing a full diagnose service. There is no fees to be paid!

Step 2: Advise & Quotation

Once we are done with diagnosing, we will inform you the repairs that is needed to be done to solve your issue. Also, we will provide you a quotation.

If you are fine with the advice and quotation provided to you, we will proceed with the repairs. Otherwise, you can collect your electronic devices and not proceed with the repairs offered.

Step 3: Replace & Repair

Our staff will let you know how long the replacement/repairs will be.

We will give you a call once your electronic devices are ready for collection.

Step 4: Handover & Warranty

Before making payment, we will let customers check their devices. After customer is satisfied with our service, we will provide an invoice.

Warranty will be clearly stated and conversed with the customer before leaving the store.

Voices from customers
About 1000+ satisfied customers have experienced and reviewed us. Thank you!
Natalie Kerr
Went in with some water damage and they were able to fix it in less than a few days. No diagnosis fee and very punctual with follow up and low cost of repair. Always friendly service and exceptional product knowledge! A must go to if you need a repair on any Apple product.
Rob Keylock
I rarely ever do reviews, on this occasion it is deserved. My 2012 MB pro started turning itself off, no fault report, no errors shown, random as hell, 5 mins or an hour, it just turned itself off. Macfixit assessed and tested, installing a new battery and bench tested. It was fine, paid the going rate and very reasonable labour charge. Later when I got home, it started to do it again, they said bring to spright in, after a few days of testings and problem solving (intermittent faults are the most frustrating). It was either the graphics card or logic board…. Yep, you guessed it, the logic board of course. One dead MacBook. I was really in a fix, simply can’t work without it, their staff is very helpful, they helped sourced a refurbished MacBook Pro for me, swapped all my data, pics, profile over to replacement Mac AND…… refunded me the cost of new battery. Exceptional service deserves exceptional credit, I would not hesitate in recommending you use these guys. I will buy my next Mac and use them for all my Mac service/repair requirements in future.
Esther Lee
Send in my hubby iPhone on August to change the glass panel. After get back the phone my hubby was oversea. After 2weeks+ my hubby back to Singapore and bring the phone to their shop regarding the Touch ID not sensitive and they help to settle the problem on the same day. Thank you for the friendly and helpful service
Sherwin Lim
Friendly and good service, sent my phone for repair and now it in good condition. Highly recommended place to have their machines repaired and prices for the product are reasonable
Joseph Lew
Staff is very helpful and efficient My friends introduced this shop to me as they are very long term customers of the shop. Came with my daughter’s macbook she was very upset that she accidentally broke her screen, called the shop to check if they have replacement. They gave a reasonable price for a non-original screen, replaced it within 1hr. Was satisfied with the job done. They were very honest about the difference between a original and non original screen Highly recommend ! Will definitely come back